You Lucky Dog: Canine Rescue and Sanctuary (Oregon, OH)

Welcome to YOU LUCKY DOG

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Oregon, Ohio.

Adoption Application (pdf)

I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter... the cast offs of human society. I saw in their eyes, love and hope, fear and pain, sadness and betrayal. And I was angry. "God," I said, "this is terrible! Why don't you do something?" God was silent for a moment and then He spoke softly.

"I have done something." He replied. "I created you."

- The Animals, ©1999 Jim Willis

Mission Statement:

The purpose and intent of this Rescue/ Sanctuary establishment will be to provide a half-way house for animals who were to be euthanized. A dog is pulled from a kill shelter and brought into "You Lucky Dog" Rescue. The animal is then assessed, vetted, trained, socialized and re-acclimated to society. He is then posted for adoption on our website and on



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